PSJA High School recycling program is in full swing!






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Colorado Meth Project

An avid supporter of Kid Vision, Brianna created this video to promote one of her favorite charities, the Colorado Meth Project. This project was created a short while ago to combat the rise in meth abusers in Colorado. The effective campaign uses graphic but realistic images to show teenagers the dangers of the illegal drug. Brianna’s powerful video shows viewers the gravity of the issue. Please visit and [...]

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The MaxFund (No-Kill Animal Shelter)

The MaxFund is a great charity in Denver, Colorado. The MaxFund is an animal shelter that will never put down an animal unless it is in the animals best interest. They are responsible for finding hundreds of animals hundreds of homes every year. This charity also makes sure to follow up on the animals’ new homes and ensure a safe living environment for each pet. KidVision encourages you [...]

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Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Kid Vision brings you a Denver teen named Diandrea. Diandrea and her friends have taken an interest in Peaceful Prairie, an amazing local charity. Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary is a non-profit designed to provide a safe, loving and permanent home for rescued farmed animals – not accepted at most shelters. In addition to providing life-long care for the animals, the charity is dedicated to promoting vegan living as the most [...]

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Dumb Friends League

Kid Vision is proud to sponsor Maria Thomas, a Denver teenager, who is passionate about the Dumb Friends League. The Dumb Friend League is an organization devoted to helping and find shelters for animals. Enjoy the video!   Please help an animal today! Visit

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On Time for Recovery

Kid Vision supports great causes like this one: On Time for Recovery. This charity helps people recover from homelessness by providing them with donated and purchased watches — an essential tool for returning to society. Their website says, “Although a timepiece is taken for granted by most of us, when you have no money or resources, receipt of a watch can make a huge difference for a homeless [...]

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